Practicing what I preach :: Personal Branding

Practicing what I preach :: Personal Branding


Today I started on my journey to put me at the heart of my branding.

Quite scary stuff for someone who isn’t overly confident with how she looks and more than a little ironic for someone who tells her clients that they shouldn’t hide and they should be proud and loud about being the face of their businesses.

I think all my clients are beautiful, yet I’m reluctant to see that beauty in myself.

If you know me then you know I genuinely hold true to ‘people buy people’ yet I didn’t practice what I preached. For years I hid behind my little Custard and Bear characters; gorgeous as they were they didn’t represent me or give potential clients any ideas of what sort of person I was. Investing in coaching or mentoring is a scary thing for many people and coaches some have a scary reputation so it’s important for people to see that I look friendly and approachable and that I’m not some aloof, shoulder padded, Devil Wears Prada-esque she-witch! 

I KNEW I needed to be front and centre of my brand; but I wasn’t prepared to do what I tell my clients to do. Until a client called me out on it. I told her she was wonderful, amazing and that people would love to see her throughout her marketing. She bluntly asked me why I wasn’t on mine and I just stuttered and dithered and looked a bit shame-faced. I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching and that’s a cardinal sin of coaching and mentoring. It would be like seeing your buffed up gym instructor gorging on a pizza and Irn Bru!

 So, today was the day that all started to change…. I went to get my photos taken and it was a great experience – I was nervous but had such a great time. I felt alive and I also felt SUCCESSFUL – actually investing in these photos felt like a validation of 4 years of hard work. I wasn’t hiding anymore, I was bloody well going to show off my awesomeness to the world and it felt brilliant! That wasn’t me being big headed or egotistical; but after having had 3 kids in 4 years and juggling a new business with motherhood I think my identity had been all muddled up, so it was liberating to just be me again.

If you feel the same then watch my video and  listen to what I have to say about putting yourself front and centre of your business. Without being cheesy; if I can do it anyone can do it. 

With the biggest of thank yous to two incredibly talented girls who helped me practice what I preach:

Make Up: Tara Shenton Make Up Artist

Photography: Becky Williams Photography

Show me your photos of you being front and centre of your business – I’d genuinely love to see them!