Notebook and watch image to represent goal setting for a mumpreneur business
04 april 2015
why if you’re worried about overcharging you’re probably undercharging

All too often I meet people who have amazing business goals. Like stunningly amazing.

It’s unfortunate that of all the people I meet, few will ever achieve these amazing goals.

Please don’t think of that as a criticism or me putting people down; it’s neither of those. It’s simply that all too often people set themselves up for a fall by pitching their business dreams too high and then beating themselves up when the reality doesn’t pan out. 

Here I explain why a realistic business goal is crucial and way better than having an amazing goal or no goal! I think realistic goals for mumpreneurs are even more important, because when you’re a mum in business not only is money often in short supply but so is your time and energy. So be kind to yourself – that’s not giving you permission to slack…listen to the video and see what you think…

P.S. Since recording this video my list increased more! On the day of publishing this vlog Facebook Thirty has been live for 11 days and my list has grown by 51.3%. So by setting a realistic goal I NAILED it.

So go get your realistic goal SET and go NAIL IT! Michelle xxx

If you changed your goal to a realistic one what impact would that have on you and your ability to achieve it?