02 April 2016
Shine like a freaking supernova

I’m not alone in loving a good quote; but this is a pretty awesome one:

“Tired of trying to cram her sparkly, star-shaped self into society’s beige square holes, she chose to embrace her ridiculous awesomeness and shine like the freaking supernova she was”

How fab is that? I love it!

I was initially simply posting the meme on my blog for the hell of it – because it was lush and I wanted to share it, but then I spotted the lesson! 

I’ve seen this quote over and over on my Pinterest account etc but never with the author quoted. There is either no attribution or it simply says: Author Unknown. This niggles me. If someone has created some amazing words then they deserve to be credited; just because most creatives and artists don’t have the stratospheric status of Shakespeare or JK Rowling doesn’t mean we shouldn’t credit them, We should. And we should credit the lesser known ones all the more to help them get their work out there. 

Because this quote resonated with me and so many of my clients it was important to me that I credited the creator. So, if you look at the top left you can see the name Erica Kathleen. I genuinely thought Erica was the author of the quote and was pleased to be able to recognise her. But now I’m not so sure – it does seem to have unknown origins and I think Erica is just one of many people to have put their own take on these powerful words.

So my quest is to be able to update my meme by crediting the original author. I’m going to start with Erica to ask her if it is her work; I think her work is fabulous and it would be super fab if she did write the quote. 

So my lesson is simple; create fabulous content but please don’t forget to credit the original source. Sharing is, after all, caring or as my wise old Grandma would say: “credit where credit’s due.”

If you’d like to share my version of the meme – please do! A tag, mention etc is always welcome 🙂

Can you help me? Do you know this quote’s origin?