23 June 2015
How does a post about poo go viral?

And a post about poo on a Facebook page about marketing?

It doesn’t make sense!

Those of us who look after our Facebook accounts work really hard to generate great content which our audience will appreciate and engage with. We’re also usually the same bunch of folk who get pretty dejected when our carefully crafted posts get minimal reach.

Last night I posted about poo. A poo my little girl did in the bath. It went ballistic (the post, not the poo). By this morning the reach was over 3 times more than the amount of my likes. A reach of over 1200 when my likes stand at less than 400.

I normally get a reach of about 20% of my fans, so say 80 people, which I’m pretty pleased with. So to get to 1,200+ people was staggering!

So tonight Kieran took the kids up for their bath and suggested I work (I'd usually put the washing away and stuff)....

Posted by Custard and Bear on Monday, 22 June 2015

I’ve had some well performing posts this year and have delivered, and attended, training courses on what make a great post. But is far and away my best performing post of the year..

I don’t know why my audience AND Facebook both loved a post about poo. But they did. And that’s some crazy shit.

But the more I think on the more I DO know the reason… my audience are mostly mums and mums with business run around small children. So my post will have resonated with them.

Resonance, maybe that’s the big lesson Livvy’s poo can give us….

But it’s not just me…. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of listening to Milly Shaw, Web Content Manager at the The University of Sunderland deliver a social media presentation. She explained how the University works incredibly hard at producing a Facebook page students want to engage with and, on the whole, they achieve that with a mix of informative, engaging, educational and inspiring posts.

Their reach was good and consistent. Milly was doing her team proud.

And then along came the raccoon. . .

A Raccoon at the University of Sunderland, UK

The University of Sunderland is proud to welcome students from all over the world but this surprised even us – a RACCOON on campus! #UoSRaccoon

Posted by University of Sunderland on Tuesday, 10 February 2015

To date the racoon has had over TWENTY THOUSAND Facebook views and he’s doing pretty well over on YouTube too. A quick scroll through the Uni’s most recent posts shows an average reach of about 100 people, so for the raccoon to be getting over 20,000 views is incredible.

Does a random raccoon in the North East of England resonate with the fun students of the uni who love anything daft to distract them from their studies? I’d say so!

To date it is the Uni’s best performing post; which I’m sure wasn’t on their marketing plan, but which does serve to remind us to post with our audience in mind and to not be afraid to take the odd risk.

And to also remind us that frankly Facebook is an awkward pain in the backside and that’s why it should be part of your marketing plans, but only a part, because try as you might, you will never tame the Facebook beast and get it doing what you want.