Isn’t this beautiful…. I’d love to take my kids to see the Northern Lights one day. I’m sharing this video because it’s stunning but also it as a great example of a new trend in Facebook – Silent Video. Basically a video you can easily watch from your Newsfeed, without sound, and understand (usually with the help of some text) what’s going on. (If you click on the video it has sound, so it’s not strictly a ‘silent’ video).

Quick Note: This post is originally from my Custard and Bear Facebook Page where if you were viewing it there it would play in silent until clicked. However, here on my blog you get the full sound version so just go with the flow and hit that mute button! The story is a much more convincing read then!

85% of videos in Facebook Newsfeeds are watched silently, that’s nearly all of them. Wow. That’s some stat. So it makes sense to add some text – be that simple subtitles like on this video or something more fancy, to help people understand what’s happening and also the context (i.e. the what and why of the video).

I’ve been sitting typing a message and watching this video at the same time and I have goosebumps all over. I didn’t need the sound to have that reaction.

So that means Facebook know I sat with that video on my News Feed for much longer than normal which equals great engagement and no doubt they will now push the video out further.

Think of how you engage with videos – you probably often scroll past meaning to come back and don’t. Or you start to watch and the music isn’t right or the volume is iffy so you switch off. To be honest I think this particular video is so much more beautiful and awe inspiring without the music, which sort of proves my point!

I often tell my clients that their customers are lazy – and it’s true! Customers love an easy life and silent video is easy peasy to digest – it’s spoon fed content….

But don’t discount video with sound and don’t start making all your videos ones which can be subtitled! Definitely don’t!

Why, because video, be that ‘silent’ or with sound, plays to our senses and emotions.

I did a Facebook Live video today with my crazy (and VERY LOUD) sons and the reach has been brilliant, no doubt because of their silliness. Plus remember that music is evocative, regional accents draw people in, laughter is contagious and emphasis can be well, emphasised, in your speech.

If you’ve been putting off making a video and never yet managed it, then me telling you to master the (simple enough) tech to add subtitles/graphics will scare you off even further.

So I guess in conclusion – just make a video – of any sort – and get it posted onto your Facebook Page. You don’t need to be in a spaceship filming the Northern Lights, just sitting in your car while you’re waiting to collect the kids from school will do!

Michelle xx


Since writing this blog people have been sharing their ‘slient’ videos with me, especially people in my #FacebookThirty Challenge Group. Nic from My Own Den shared this lovely one and again I think it’s better without the sound! Once you play the sound the noise of the swimming pool and the general hubbub takes away from the simple beauty of the story. So hit mute and enjoy! Thanks for sharing Nic xxx

I’d love to see your videos –  from the spaceship, house, outdoors or office! Share the link to your best (or worst) Facebook video in the comments.