03 March 2015
“Why is my Facebook page pants?”

“Why don’t people like my posts?”

“Why don’t people share my posts?”

These are all things I get asked every week.

And, to be shockingly honest, the true answer is usually: “Because your content isn’t very erm, well you see…. okay, let’s not beat about the bush. Your content is shit.”

This is then usually met with a glazed stare as the person hears the dreaded word ‘content’ and drifts off into a world where marketing wasn’t yet social and Facebook wasn’t even a twinkle in Zuckerberg’s eye. Oh, for simpler times…

The problems we have now are:

Facebook used to be amazingly and wonderfully free to use. It is still to a certain extent, but paid-for content is becoming the norm and small businesses are scared of that. Not to mention resentful.

‘Content generation’ is a whole industry in itself, it’s an art and a skill to be able to develop cracking content which people want to share. Plenty of small business owners genuinely don’t know what content is: they think it’s simply sharing their new event, their new offer, their new deal week-after-week-after-monotonous-week.

Imagine you met an old friend and you we’re dying to engage with them and find out all about what they’d been up to i.e. you want to empathise with what they’re telling you, to like it and then go off and share their news with others.

This is how the conversation goes:

You: “Kieran! Mate! Great to see you; what have you been up to?”

Them: “I’ve got a shop. Come along and have a look and buy some stuff.”

You: “Wow, a new shop, how cool. What sort of stuff do you sell?”

Them: “It’s new, my shop, we have loads of stuff. Come and look. And buy something.”

You: “Erm, so is it clothes you’re selling? Toys?”

Them: “We have a shop. Did I not mention that? It’s new. And a shop. We sell stuff. Come and look.”

How demented would you be?! You’re trying to extract info from your friend and they’re stuck in sales mode (and not a very good one either – which is another post for another day!) and giving you nothing of interest, nothing to spark your interest, nothing to make you laugh, nothing you must share with your friends. Nothing.

I reckon you’d go out of your way to actively avoid them the next time you spotted them.

If your Facebook page is the equivalent of this conversation is it any wonder your fans are going out of their way to avoid your posts (in fairness they probably don’t even see them anymore).

So next time you post on Facebook put yourself in that ‘catching up with an old pal’ situation; what emotions would you be using when you’re chatting to them? Humour, excitement, anticipation, drama? Would you tell stories? Would you get out your camera and show them photos or videos…..

You wouldn’t go all monosyllabic with them in real life, so don’t do it in your Facebook life. Get some emotion in your posts. That will make them less shit. Instantly.

So “content generation” is simply giving people stuff to read/watch/listen which hits a nerve or emotion and causes them to have a reaction i.e. to like, comment or share.


1. Talk to people – like they’re real human beings. Because, erm, they are!

2. Listen to yourself – how do your posts sound? As they stand would you honestly engage with what you’re posting?

3. Look at what you do engage with. Ask yourself why. Can you be inspired by this content and replicate on your page (which DOES NOT mean copy)?

4. Run a competition. People love a competition!  But make it worthwhile, with a decent prize. But don’t beg for likes and shares in return for entries, not only does it look desperate it’s against Facebook’s rules (In fact, “stop sounding desperate” is another good rule too!).

5. Sit down with your diary and plan out some different types of posts. Show your page some love, treat it to some special time, and it will blossom under your touch. Just like a long lost friendship.

Is your Facebook pants or pants-tastic?

I’d love to hear about your page – be it of the wash-day pants standard or the going-on-a-hot-date standard.