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06 May 2016



I knew I had to write a blog post about why I wrote The #FacebookThirty Workbook, my first ‘for sale’ e-book, but could I hell find the words. I KNOW why I wrote it but still the words wouldn’t flow. Maybe because this isn’t a freebie, it’s for sale, so I feel vulnerable – nearly 600 people signed up to the original ‘freebie’ but what if no one buys the book. . .?

Initially I wrote a simple e-book which was just a Word Doc converted to a pdf, it was called #FacebookThirty and it was a freebie on my website, a way to build my list. A simple, straightforward, marketing tactic to build up my email list. It BOOMED and built my list by 600+ people, with more signing up each day.

But then it became something more than that. It became a movement, I found myself with a tribe of dedicated ‘#Facebook30-ers’ even though I’d only ever set out to build my list, not grow a tribe!

These folk loved the freebie so much and were getting amazing results from it. So I knew this simple freebie held a more powerful message; it was reminding people of the days when we used to talk to our customers (remember the days when we’d pick up the phone and actually chat to them?).

#Facebook30 was reminding them that social media was just that, SOCIAL media, not sales media.

So I decided I would really work on the freebie and turn it into a ‘proper’ ebook, something I could sell and use to spread the message even further (not to mention making myself some passive income, which was a key goal of mine this year).

So;  that was the ‘nutshell’ version….. 

The book is a few days away from being available for sale (it will be for sale when you read this post) and I knew I still needed to write something deeper about #FacebookThirty and why it was so important to me. But I just couldn’t find the words – ironic when I’ve written a whole e-book!

Then, this morning someone on one of a Facebook Group posted this:

“See that thing where people leave pointless comments on business pages on Facebook and Instagram, because it helps them gain likes… like on Instagram people always put on copy and paste comments like “nice post” or just some random emoji…. It’s so depressing! It’s the complete opposite of human connection, and yet the only way really for a lot of small businesses to build following. Think I just hit a social media fatigue wall today, because it’s become so anti-social.  I miss the days of engaging with followers and having meaningful chat (without having to pay ££ to reach them).”

This, THIS was the reason I wrote #FacebookThirty – go back and read that quote again:

  • “It’s the complete opposite of human connection”
  • “I hit a social media fatigue wall today, because it’s become so anti-social”

I know this woman isn’t alone. In fact, she’s most likely in the majority.

There’s a line in #FB30 which says: talk to your likers like humans because they, erm, are humans!

There’s a whole section on why you should barely ever try to sell on Facebook; because it’s not a sales platform, it’s a social one. Randomly, the people who don’t try to sell are probably the ones who sell more.

It breaks my heart that people forget that good old fashioned marketing is all about connections, emotions, relationships and trust. We CAN build all that on social media; it’s not instant, it’s not easy, but by god it is worth it.

I’ve written a book about Facebook and what to post on Facebook and yet I have around 600 likers on my Page. But you know what – my engagement levels are through the roof. I don’t have likers, I have a community . . . 

08 May 2016

I left this post for a few days, my eldest was 7 yesterday and today was a glorious spring day. There was no time for blog writing! 

I sat down to edit and finish the post this evening, when I got this message from a client:

“Wow, your new #FB30 has kicked me up the butt big time…. Check out the reach on this baby…. Just by following your tips and advice”

Full disclosure time: Jayne from Lulu & Charles Jewellery was on my very first #MarketingForMummies Group back in April 2015, she also downloaded the original #FB30 freebie and took part in two #FB30 Challenges. Last week all of my #MarketingForMummies clients got a free, preview copy of the workbook and by using it for a week Jayne has been blown away by her results. I was so giddy and happy when she messaged me; I felt that vulnerability of two days ago starting to slip away and a little voice in my head being brave enough to say: “#FacebookThirty is my baby and it is going to sell!”

This was Jayne’s post:

Jayne’s post was stunning; the product was outstanding, the photography (which she does herself) was perfect and the words… well…. the words tugged at the heartstrings. It was a great post, but I don’t think Jayne expected these results:

On top of the amazing reach of well over 4,000 (she has 1,471 likes) she also said:

  • “It’s generated 7 new page likes
  • 4 messages for potential orders
  • And I’ve just closed a new sale from it too! So pleased!”

Remember earlier I said that people who try not to sell on Facebook are the ones who actually tend to sell on Facebook? Jayne is a perfect example of this; there was no web link, no price,no ‘buy now’ call to action – nothing. Just a beautiful well, though out, quite emotional post.

I asked Jayne if I could use her in this blog post, because she is the perfect example of why I wrote #FacebookThirty and had the courage to make my freebie a paid for workbook.

If my book helps other mumpreneurs realise that using good old fashioned marketing in their social media is the way forward and helps them build connections, emotions, relationships and trust then I’ve done a great thing.