Today I am shattered. Genuinely pooped.

The thought of my bed and a cheeky afternoon nap sounds blissful. Thankfully, I recently moved from working at home to working from my new office, and so going for a nap isn’t an option (unless I want to snooze on the floor!)

What’s interesting is that had I still been working from home I probably would’ve thought: “Oh, taking an hour off won’t make much difference. I’ll have a sneaky skive.” And of to bed I would have gone (or worse, I would have wasted a whole hour flicking between Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – and don’t tell me you’re not guilty of doing the same!)

But now, sat here in the office, I’m still working and in the time I’d normally be asleep I’ve emailed my coach and received some great feedback, recorded a short vlog and written this blog post (which I can then tweet and post to Facebook). Next on my list is following up with people I met at networking last night.

The impact of these seemingly small changes to my activity (specifically, my marketing activity) will have a compound effect over the following months and years; someone may spot the tweet which I would never have posted, someone else might watch the vlog when they’re close to giving up and be inspired to keep on going and then seek me out for Ideas Mentoring. But if I’d done nothing then the compound effect in years would be nothing.

That’s why the greatest achievements often really do come from tired and discouraged people who keep on working.

With Love, Michelle xxxx (A very tired, but nowhere near discouraged person)

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Do you have a story to tell about a time something amazing happened because you just pushed that little bit further…? 

I’d love to hear it, drop me a an email or share your story below.