Gary Vaynerchuk walking along a New York street

When Gary Vee punched me (emotionally)

12 June 2018


This video…

It’s epic.

It (emotionally) sucker punched me in all the right places. I was breathless by the end; it was that powerful to me.

I’m always telling you that emotion needs to be a key part of your marketing and I think this video proves it in two minutes. You don’t have to go all full on Gary Vee to get emotion in your posts, but be yourself and talk about the things that will sucker punch your own audience. Marketing without emotion is pretty much usually just a hard sell, or a beg or a plead and will rarely get a response.

Emotion. Your marketing depends on it.

It comes with a swear word warning, but hey, it’s Gary Vaynerchuck, there’s always swear words!

Watch it a few times and listen to what thoughts come up in your mind; I’d love to know how you felt after watching it. You can comment on my original Facebook Post (link below video)


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