Mums in Business Learning to Love their Marketing


#MarketingForMummies is unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

It’s a short but intensive course designed to transform your approach to marketing your business. My purpose is to make marketing practical and realistic and what I teach you is my take on marketing; so there’s nothing textbook or yawn-some, promise.

Oh, and you don’t have to be a mum to be part of #MarketingForMummies! The first ever sessions were developed around a group of mums with their own businesses. Since launching in 2015 so many women in business have taken part in the sessions, some were mums and some weren’t!

Over time the group has stayed as girls only, but whether you’re a mum or not, you’re more than welcome (I’ll happily arrange mixed groups of lasses and lads if there is the demand, just ask!).

You don't have to be a mum to join #MarketingForMummies, you just have to want to fall in love with your marketing!

#MarketingForMummies is informal, friendly and supportive. You meet at my home, once every week, for 4 weeks, at 2 hours a time – so it’s short but intense.  I live in Consett, County Durham, 12 miles from Durham and 14 miles from Newcastle.

The group size is limited to four members (plus me!), so that I can really help you come up with good, practical and do-able marketing ideas.

A group of five girls will no doubt go off tangent at times so I provide you with notes, videos, handbooks and a dedicated Facebook Group, so that whenever your marketing needs a boost you can come back to what we covered in #MarketingForMummies.

#MarketingForMummies is like weight watchers for marketing - if you’re prepared to put the work in you will see the rewards.

I shape each course around the people with me, so no two courses are ever quite the same. You can be confident that I’m not spouting generic waffle which you won’t understand – I’ll be talking to YOU about YOUR business and it’s my job to make sure you do understand!

To make that happen we look at who you’re selling to, how to talk to them, the best types of marketing to use and how to actually make sure you do your marketing (very important obviously!).

We cover a huge amount in four sessions and the end result will be you coming away with a realistic and practical set of marketing habits which you can put into practice.

I'll help, guide and support you and never pull you down. I can be brutally honest when I need to be, but I’ve always got your back.