As a Marketing Mentor my aim is to help you get good at, and fall in love with, your own marketing so that you can do it yourself.

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in your business, I can help.

Maybe you need to start from the beginning as you’re a new business or maybe you’re a more established business who has hit a marketing stumbling block; I can help.

I’ll help you come up with ideas and give you the confidence to put those ideas into practice. I do this by supporting you and championing you but at the same time giving you a push, a shove and a nudge to bloody well get your marketing done. And often that’s getting it #donenotperfect (because that’s so much better than not done at all!).

Mentoring isn’t coaching; I don’t dictate – I can suggest and propose ideas but you have to take the action. I don’t force you into anything.

You should only ever look forward to a mentoring session, never dread it. 

I’d genuinely love to become a trusted part of your business; a champion, critical friend, shoulder-provider, high-fiver, arse-kicker and the person who helps you #LoveYourMarketing.

Michelle Rose with a marketing mentoring client


We can talk about anything you want!

Two things to know:

  • It’s confidential; often life gets in the way of your business and if you need to chat about this then it’s fine by me. Often this helps, frees up brain space and gets you ready to move forward with your marketing.
  • I’m based in County Durham in the North East of England (DH8 postcode); this is relevant if we need to meet and if you want to know about funding etc.

I always get asked about Facebook and social media in general, email marketing, customer service, how to get people to come back, what funding is available, networking… the list is pretty much endless and there is NO such thing as a silly question!

I’ve worked with hundreds (quite possibly into the thousands) of small business owners over the years, across the widest range of business types and I can’t wait to work with you too. 

We check in as much as you need to get you started with your marketing and then as-and-when you need to make sure you’re getting stuff done. You are in control. You book the hours you need when you need them.


Don't believe, KNOW - marketing quote, Michelle Rose, marketing mentor

Marketing Habits are my ‘thing’

I love helping people come up with their marketing habits; I deliver talks about them, train on them, all of #MarketingforMummies is about them! So it makes sense that if you’d like to use your marketing mentoring to come up with a solid set of marketing habits then I’d be chuffed to help you!

I recommend five habits simply because most people can get their brain around five – any less and it’s not worth it, any more and you start flapping.

Honestly, knowing what five things you have to do for your marketing is often so much more freeing and time efficient than worried about what marketing you should be doing!


Marketing Mentoring is £45 per hour.

There are various options available;

  • You can book a 30 minute, 1 hour or 2 hour session
  • I also have a 5 five hour package

Click the button to see the 30 minute, 1 hour and 2 hours slots available and from there you can book and pay for your session.

We both receive email confirmation plus I’ll get your email and mobile number and will contact you to arrange the details of our session.

Mentoring Offers

I often have mentoring offers; have a look below for my current ones. We achieve so much in one hour, but boy does it fly past.

So booking a blocks of hours can be really beneficial. A package deal gets you over 10% off my normal mentoring rate; which I know can be important when you’re a small business or maybe just getting started.  

Honestly; time flies when you’re falling in love with your marketing!

You can use your hours as you see fit; in one go, or we can have a few sessions. We can meet in person, we can chat via video call or telephone. Whatever suits you as these are your mentoring hours.

To book your hours simply add the deal to your basket below and if you have any questions please just shout – my Facebook Page or emailing me are the best ways to contact me.


You can book a free one hour marketing mentoring session with me (if you’re quick!)

These are massively popular so I only offer 4 each month; I could honestly give away free hours for the whole year, but I also have to earn some money!

I release them on my Facebook Page and in my #LoveYourMarketing Facebook Group. We can meet for a coffee but most often we will chat on Skype.

I absolutely will not sell to you, this is not my hour to pitch to you! It is an hour for you to pick my brains on marketing, get some ideas, get a kick up the bum to get started. I’ll do whatever I need to to help you fall in love with your marketing.

It’s a proper marketing mentoring session; just free.

If you’re interested in grabbing a free one-to-one marketing mentoring session with me then pop me a message via the Custard and Bear Facebook Page or use my contact form (link at bottom of each page).