#MarketingForMummies – Group Mentoring

Mums in Business getting together to support each other; it’s like weight watchers for marketing!

What is #MarketingForMummies?

#MarketingForMummies is for you if you run your own business and need to come up with good, practical and do-able marketing ideas.

You probably have the time to do your marketing, but because you’re so used to being something else in your former, pre-business, life you just can’t get your brain to come with marketing ideas!

Working from home can be lonely, so the groups are a chance to have some company AND work on your business at the same time.

It’s also unlike ANYTHING else you’ve ever done before, I promise you! My purpose is to make marketing practical and realistic and what I teach you is my take on marketing; so there’s nothing textbook or yawn-some, promise.

A group of 5 girls will no doubt go off tangent at times so I provide you with notes, videos, handbooks and more so that whenever your marketing needs a boost you can come back to what we covered in #MarketingForMummies.

“#MarketingForMummies has been fantastic, you have helped motivate me to get focused with marketing. The sessions have been a breath of fresh air the group supported and encouraged each other. I would recommend you to anyone looking for help with marketing.”

Lisa: Keeper’s Cafe, Dipton

What happens at the sessions?

You meet at my home, once every week, for 4 weeks, at 2 hours a time – so it’s short but intensive. And if you’re prepared to put the work in you will see the rewards. I live in Consett, County Durham, 12 miles from Durham and 14 miles from Newcastle.

The groups are a bit like Weight Watchers; because you have to see me and the other girls each week you will do the weekly homework.

You will be with up to 3 other women who have their own business. plus Michelle, who will all help you come up with good, practical and do-able marketing ideas.

It will be really informal, friendly and supportive.

You then support each other via your own Facebook group (and I’ll be in there too).

You’ll make friends with other local business owners and can keep each other on track beyond the group.

Do I have to be a mum?

No, not at all!

The first ever #MarketingForMummies sessions were developed around a group of mums with their own businesses. Since launching in 2015 over so many women in business have taken part in the sessions, some were mums and some weren’t!

Over time the group has stayed as girls only, but whether you’re a mum or not a mum you’re more than welcome (I’d happily arrange mixed groups of lasses and lads if there is the demand, just ask!).

“#MarketingForMummies really helped to kick start my business. Each session left me buzzing with ideas for driving my business forward. Michelle’s down to earth, ‘can do’ attitude nurtured my confidence. I can’t imagine life now without Custard & Bear!”

Jayne: Lulu and Charles Jewellery

What sorts of business are welcome?

Any and all!

I’ve had jewellery makers, baby massage therapists, make up artists, accountants, cleaners, language schools, cafes and so many more types of business on #MarketingForMummies over the years.

Most of my clients tend to be ‘solo-preneurs’ (so working alone or with just a very small team) who are totally stuck with their marketing, stressing out over it and so not doing it! If that sounds like you then you’ll probably get LOADS out of the course, but if you’re not sure just pop me a message and we can chat.

What will I learn?

We cover a huge amount in four sessions and the end result will be you coming away with a realistic and practical set of marketing habits which you can put into practice.

To make that happen we look at who you’re selling to, how to talk to them, the best types of marketing to use, how to actually make sure you do your marketing (very important obviously!). I shape each course around the people with me, so no two courses are ever quite the same. You can be confident that I’m not spouting generic waffle which you won’t understand – I’ll be talking to YOU about YOUR business and it’s my job to make sure you do understand!

Will I be nervous on the first session?

Probably! That’s totally normal. Usually the girls don’t know each other on the first session and leave firm friends by the end.

Also, please bear in mind that I’m TOTALLY NORMAL! I’m usually in my jeans for the sessions, often have no make up on, I’m a size 16, a mum of three little kids and quite often I’ll spot crusty weetabix on my top halfway through a session!

I love marketing with a passion but I’m still learning with you. I’m growing my business too and I make mistakes as much as I get it right and I’m five years in now. If business was easy everyone would be doing it; so if you’re feeling a bit glum or meh about your business PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t let that put you off coming, you won’t be alone in those feelings, I promise you that.

My only role is to help, guide and support you and never to pull you down. I can be brutally honest when I need to be, but I’ve always got your back. 

So you can be nervous simply because you’re doing something new, but also be excited because #MarketingForMummies is something great for your business AND you. Promise. 

How much is it and how do I book?


That’s for 8 hours across the four sessions with me, my support in the Facebook Group, all of your resources, tea and biccies AND a one hour 1-2-1 with me at the end of the course with me, which is worth £40.

You will also be invited to attend one of our #MarketingForMummiesMonthly groups for free. The monthly group is where girls who have ‘graduated’ come along once a month to keep learning about their marketing and getting it put into practice. It’s then £10 per month for oodles of marketing support.

It’s priced at £129 because I know most people, even teeny businesses can find that. I am NOT and NEVER WILL BE the type of person who will sell courses for thousands of pounds and promise you the world and its riches. I promise you that if you pay £129, come each week for 4 weeks and do the work you leave with a very different (and very practical and realistic) take on your marketing and you’ll have plenty of giggles and laughs along the way.

You can simply book below; choose which month you’d like to attend and you’ll pay and book up all at the same time. I’ll get an email confirmation and will be in touch to get you started with homework!

I’d love for you to come and work me on #MarketingForMummies, I truly would, so I’ve got my fingers crossed you take the leap and book! Much Love, Michelle xxx