ONE: GOOD OLD CUSTOMER SERVICE or Does my ‘but’ look big in this?”

Don’t leave clients with a “but…”

They absolutely can NEVER say about you “She was good, but…”

“I liked him, but…”

“I was happy, but…”

 It’s the but that sticks out (J-Lo, Kim K stylie) and that’s what people remember

What can you do to make sure your customers never utter the dreaded ‘but..’?


TWO: KEEP IN TOUCH or Absence makes the heart grow fungus

Talk to your customers.

Drop them an email or write them a letter (shock, horror, yes a real letter with an actual stamp on). Or, taking you into the realms of true horror, you could even pick up the phone and talk to them….

Wait. What’s that you said? You don’t have your customer’s details? Really….

Okay, so I won’t shout at you, but please read the next point. Right now! Go! Read!

When was the last time you spoke to a customer about something other than their order? Honestly?


THREE: COLLECT CONTACT DETAILS or Asking if you can put someone on your mailing list does not make you a stalker, so just bloody well do it.

Put it this way. If you don’t talk to your customers, someone else will. And they will steal them from you. Customers like to feel loved and special (see points one and 2), they are fickle like that. Harsh, but true.

Do you have no list, a bit of a list, an out-of-date list? Get working on building  your list.


FOUR: ASK PEOPLE TO REFER YOU or Stop being so pathetic and just ask for the referral already

89% of customers say they would be happy to refer, only 11% of people ask.

Enough said.

Practice these words: “Can you recommend me to any you know? It would be fab and I’d love you forever.”


FIVE: PLAN YOUR MARKETING or Get your finger out and do something at least!

No one expects you to be a marketing guru. So go easy on yourself, you need to learn the best ways to promote your business.

But that’s not an excuse to do nothing until you’ve bought (and never read) every marketing book on Amazon.

Choose a few things you can do well and just do them. Now. Start. Today.

Seriously, what’s the worst that can happen?

What’s certain that if you DON’T market then no one will know about you.

I love hearing how you use my marketing tips so let me know below.

And please do share the Custard and Bear hints and tips far-and-wide; we’ll love you forever.