I was having a skim through some old notebooks today (I have serious notebook addiction – but that’s for another post!) and found this idea for a blog post title: “So Mummy, what did you do in the yoft today.”

It was a question posed to me by Quinn (aka Custard) many, many moons ago now. I think he was about 3 (he’s now 5) and was trying to be all grown up and have a serious conversation with me. Either that or he was hoping that I didn’t want to do any more ‘stinky work’ and would give up and get him a Jaffa Cake.

I smiled when I stumbled across the blog post because it reminded me how far I’ve come since starting Custard and Bear back in October 2011. Quinn was about 2.5 and Albie was just past a year (and Livvy wasn’t even a twinkle). Now Quinn is about to start Year 1, Albie is a about to start Reception and Livvy is a 17month-old bum-shuffling bundle of beautifulness.

From those early days in my ‘yoft’ when I wondered if I could ever make a viable marketing support businesses I’m now nearly 3 years in and have a bunch of amazing clients and an ever growing portfolio.

I still work in my loft (Quinn can say it now), but it’s a bit posher and I’m not as surrounded by junk. And the boys can pop up and see me while I work, do their homework or just chat away. So on the days when I worry about being self-employed and that maybe I should get a ‘proper job’ for some security and continuity in my career I remember that my humble loft has given me both a business and a chance to see my babies grow into toddlers and children.

And if I have my way I hope I’ll still be working in my loft when they’re off to uni, and maybe even when they have kids of their own.