Michelle Rose with Quinn in hospital

There are days like these…

05 December 2017


There are days like these…

Your to-do list is insane, the unfinished work is screaming at you, the blogs you haven’t written taunt you, you can’t keep track of your messages – you feel at breaking point.

Then your 8 year old is poorly. Nothing serious at all, but enough to make him want cuddles and to be close to you and to not question taking his cuddly, tatty, much loved giraffe out in public to see the doctor.

The to-do list remains, the messages are unanswered but your boy is loved and knows it. You make each other better by the cuddles and closeness.

There are days like this. You achieve nothing and everything all at once.

There are days like this. They give you perspective.

This blog originally appeared as a Facebook post on my Custard and Bear Page: There are days like these – Facebook Post

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