The #FacebookThirty Workbook


The #FacebookThirty e-Workbook is a complete package of ideas, tips, example and worksheets to help you give your Facebook Page a boost. The #FacebookThirty e-Workbook is the follow up to the popular #Facebook30 Freebie which has been used by  hundreds of people worldwide.

What you get with your #FacebookThirty Workbook:

·         Not just 30, but 50 detailed ideas for your Facebook posts so you can easily fill 30 days of Facebook posts with a dfference

·         Extra marketing tips

·         Loads of current examples from UK small business Facebook Pages with clickable links straight to the featured posts.

·         Monthly planner to help you plan and review your posts

·         An ‘At a Glance’ printable sheet for all 50 ideas for you to tick off as you go

All of the above is presented in a gorgeous e-workbook with space to write down your own ideas

Simply print out and get started with #FacebookThirty; a marketing ‘how-to’ book which is totally practical and realistic

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#FacebookThirty is where I use my love of all things marketing to help you give your Facebook posts an injection of inspiration.

I know you get bored with posting the same old stuff  on your Facebook Page so that stops now. Now is the time you get creative, start thinking differently and give your Page a boost (without paying to boost your posts!).

Since launching my first #FacebookThirty challenge in 2015, people across the world have given their Pages a real boost; simply by going back to the basics of marketing and using good old fashioned techniques in their Facebook posts.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a marketing expert – I’m here to help you!

I originally started with just 30 ideas and as the challenge grew in popularity so did the number of tips. So now even though the challenge is still called #Facebook30 you actually have FIFTY ideas, yay!

Because the ideas are flexible they can be tweaked and used as tweets, pins, blog posts or even emails too! Most of the ideas have various options, which suddenly gives you way more than 50 ideas (very cool . . .). The only limit is your imagination.

I’d love you to buy #Facebook30; because it’s so lush, helpful and full of good, practical marketing ideas!

It’s full of ideas for what to post on Facebook, along with loads of marketing tips. It’s so useful and you’ll get so much from it.

Just £5.99 for a lush book full of Facebook ideas! 

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If you’re not ready just yet to buy the complete e-worbook, you can sign up for the freebie below.

The #FacebookThirty freebie is a mini version of the e-book and includes the planner AND a free 7 day email course – all for free!

It’s a great way to get started with Facebook or to give yourself a refresher. 


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