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How’s you? I’m good this week, really good! My coach is pushing me forward and I feel like I can take on the world.

But, despite this feeling, I still found myself putting off some really genuinely important stuff this week.

Like all of us, I want to grow my business. I know the marketing advice and ideas I give my clients is worth so much to them and to see them blossom with confidence in their marketing is amazing.

I know what I do has a true value to people.

So, I had a call to make so I could help more people. The call was to a guy who works with new business start-ups, he wants me to work with his clients on their marketing. He wants me to work with him. This is worth repeating because, despite knowing this, I was still a dithering wreck on Monday.

I’d pitched him an idea via email on Friday and on Monday I had to call and follow up. Come 3pm I STILL hadn’t called and having that weight on my shoulders dragged me down all day. Finally, I did call around 4pm and he was out. Bloody typical!

When I got home and told Kieran all about this (my sage husband and business partner) he asked me a question which hit the nail on the head (I hate it when he does that). This is how the chat went:

Kieran: “What were you afraid of? That he would say ‘no’ to your idea?”
Me: “Erm, yeah, pretty much”
Kieran: “So, what was the difference between calling him at 9am and him saying ‘no’, or calling him at 4pm and him saying ‘no.'”
Me: “I guess if I’d phoned at 9 and he’d said he didn’t like the idea then I’d have sucked it up and cracked on with my work.”
Kieran: “And. . . what else?”
Michelle: “I would have had a much more productive day because the weight of needing to make the call wouldn’t have been dragging me down.”
Kieran: Says nothing, just looks smug

Every day I help people make sales calls, because they can be a daunting prospect. However, the lesson for me this week wasn’t about the actual call. It was about how NOT making the call affected my whole day, and how I carried that negative, apprehensive energy with me for nearly 8 hours.

Put simply, I should have got my finger out and just bloody well made the call.

What did I do about it?

I asked my coach for some advice and he came up trumps (see, even us coaches have coaches!

I now have Monday set as my default Follow Up Day. So every Monday I have to follow up with people. I have a notebook and each of my pipeline customers (people who haven’t worked with me yet) and my existing customers (people who have worked with me and I’d like them to come back) have a page to themselves.

Every time I contact them I make a note of the date and the contact – what it was, what I did, what they said etc.

Each Monday I flick through the notebook and see who I need to contact; I then call, email, text, tweet, Facebook message them. Not everyone gets a call every week, nor even every month, but some people get a call every week.

These contacts don’t always ask directly for a meeting or work, sometimes they’re simply a “Hi, how are you” sort of contact. I even sent one lady some nice teabags because we’d chatted about how much she loved green tea!

Has this been powerful?

Hell yes!

As a direct result of Follow Up Mondays I closed £1,000 of sales in a week.I know for a dead cert that if I hadn’t followed up with those people I probably wouldn’t have met with them yet and my sales would be £1,000 lighter.

That’s not some fluff for the blog; it’s the truth.

What else have I learnt?

Something massive. I know now that on average it takes me 3-4 ‘touches’ with a client before I get an initial meeting. So that spurs me on to keep on contacting them; because I no longer get disheartened if the first, second or even third contacts don’t come up trumps.

What about the guy at the beginning of my story? 

I just don’t fanny around worrying about making the calls anymore. I just do them and I actually enjoy them.

And… well, honestly… I’m still working on him! I’m onto 8 contacts and still going strong. So I’ll keep you posted!

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Do you procrastinate in your business? What and Why?

I’d love to know; share your procrastination shame below (I bet most of the comments are about making calls!). Michelle 

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