The Custard & Bear Approach

What We Do, & How We Do It

Custard and Bear is, essentially, at it’s heart a full service marketing agency. We work closely with you to brand your business, build websites, generate marketing ideas, run your social media and even do your admin.

We don’t employ graphic designers, web developers or SEO geeks; instead we have the most amazing group of hand-picked freelancers who we work with on our various projects. All of the work you see across the website is a combination of our ideas and their talent. And again, this way of working keeps costs reasonable, which we know is important to the small and medium sized business we often work with.

Our point of difference is that we’re a small, home-based team; just Michelle and Kieran. This helps make us competitively priced and enables us to be more flexible than traditional 9-5 agencies.

Since starting the business in 2011 we found ourselves becoming more-and-more involved in training and marketing mentoring; stemming from Michelle’s days as a start-up business advisor. In 2014 we launched Marketing for Mummies to offer face-to-face marketing ideas mentoring, along with a complimentary range of training days and sessions.

Take a look at some of the clients we’ve helped so far and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to see if we can help you:


Buy Michelle’s e-book, #Facebook30, which is full of ideas for what to post on Facebook, along with loads of marketing tips. It’s £5.99. Honestly, just £5.99!

There’s no hard sell for an expensive course costing hundreds of pounds which you’ll never do. It’s just £5.99 for a book of FIFTY* detailed ideas for your Facebook posts.


It’s not just any old e-book; it’s a workbook too, full of real life examples, a weekly printable Facebook Planner, loads of general marketing tips plus access to a really friendly and dedicated Facebook group.

*The book is called #Facebook30 but you actually get FIFTY tips (I explain why in the book!)