Marketing for Mummies

Coming up with ideas for Mumpreneurs to promote their businesses

Marketing for Mummies is about:

  • Having time with Michelle; a marketing whizz
  • Having fun with your Marketing
  • Not being terrified of your Marketing!
  • Giving you the support YOU need, be that just a few hours or something more intensive.
  • Coming up with fab marketing ideas just for YOUR biz
  • (Having cake and tea – it helps the ideas process!)
  • Giving you handy worksheets to help you plan out your marketing

Need tea, cake and marketing ideas?

Get in touch and we’ll meet up!

What do I get with Marketing for Mummies?

Marketing for Mummies is for mums with their own business who need to come up with good, practical and do-able marketing ideas.

These mums have the time to do their marketing, they’re just so used to being something else in their former lives (maybe a vet, a teacher or a full time mum) that they can’t get their brains to come with marketing ideas!

Sometimes they even have the ideas, but simply lack confidence in them.

Marketing for Mummies is my fun, informal and incredibly practical approach to marketing.

What is Marketing for Mummies?

Homework to complete before our first meeting so i get to know your business.

A meeting with me over tea and cake (this isn’t compulsory, but it helps break the ice!)

At the meeting we have loads of time to chat about your business and get some marketing ideas generated; plus I get a feel for the sorts of things you like and don’t like (a bit like a “Marketing Heaven or Hell”)

I then spend time coming up with more ideas. I pull these all together in a big plan and send them off to you.

Then we meet up again (have more tea and cake), chat through the ideas and I help you plan out how to make your favourite ideas happen.

And then off you go; doing your marketing and getting great results!

What happens after the Marketing for Mummies Sessions?

You do the marketing, learning as you go, and developing your business.
You start to believe in yourself and your amazing ability to promote your business!
You can then book follow up sessions at any time; these can be face-to-face, over Skype or email and are simply payable by the hour at £50 per hour.

But How Much Is It?

Panic not!

Marketing for Mummies is designed to be affordable and if you really want to you can pay on your card.
If you live in the North East you might also be eligible for some NBSL funding; so email me first and we can see.

Marketing for Mummies is £249 and for that you get 3 hours with me, my time developing your ideas and then ongoing email support for up one month.

You will also have access to my exclusive Marketing for Mummies Facebook Group for one month.

If that’s too much for you just now then check out Marketing for Mummies – Lite. This is the ‘pay as you go’ version at just either £99 or £40 a session; depending on what you need. Or you might prefer to work with me in a small group; so have a look at my Group Mentoring packages as these are fun, great value for money but developed to have a big effect on your marketing.

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