Learn to Love your marketing with Michelle


Over the years Custard and Bear has changed; I used to plan and implement people’s marketing for them, but now, it’s fair to say, ‘I don’t do marketing’ (if you remember Trev and Simon from Going Live with ‘We don’t do duvets’ then you’ll get my joke!).

I’m now a marketing mentor, blogger, speaker and author and my aim is to help you get good at, and fall in love with, your own marketing so that you do it yourself. You don’t need me to do it for you – you really don’t!

#MarketingForMummies is my small group training programme and has been welcoming mumpreneurs from across the North East since 2015.

I don’t just work with mums-in-business; I work with anyone with a small business and often teeny-tiny businesses (micro businesses as they’re called in the jargon) who need a  marketing confidence boost. You can find me in my free #LoveYourMarketing Facebook Group where there is great mix of businesses from across the world.

In summer 2018 my online marketing support will be launching. I’m really excited about this and will keep everyone on my mailing list up-to-date. 

My #FacebookThirty Workbook was published in 2016 and whilst it could do with a little update (as Facebook changes pretty much monthly!) the 50 ideas within it are still sound, as are the extra marketing tips. #FacebookThirty is available on Amazon as a printed workbook or here on the website as a downloadable e-book.

I also love to get my message about getting into good marketing habits out to a wider audience by speaking and training. So if you’d like me to inspire your business group, deliver a training seminar or be a guest on your podcast or blog, I would love to chat to you to find out more.

Don't be afraid of your marketing; let me help you fall in love with it